Easy ERP System إصدار أودو 15.0

معلومات عن Easy ERP System نسخة أودو، تخطيط موارد مؤسسات مفتوح المصدر.

التطبيقات المثبتة

Odoo Advance Signup
Odoo admin can configure their signup page with dynamic fields for each website.
Odoo SaaS Kit
Odoo SaaS Kit allows you to run your Odoo As A SaaS business. After installation and set uo you can sell Odoo As A Saas to your client via subscription based model
Odoo 15 Accounting
Accounting Reports, Asset Management and Account Budget, Recurring Payments, Lock Dates, Fiscal Year For Odoo15 Community Edition, Accounting Dashboard, Financial Reports, Customer Follow up Management, Bank Statement Import, Odoo Budget
Odoo 15 Fiscal Year & Lock Date
Odoo 15 Fiscal Year, Fiscal Year in Odoo 15, Lock Date in Odoo 15
Tap Payment Gateway
Tap Payment Gateway module is used in payment method to simplifies online payment. KNET | MADA | BENEFIT | Oman Net | Apple Pay | Visa | Mastercard | meeza | Amex Refund | Subscription | Save Card | Use save card to pay
Saas Tool
Saas Tool
من عروض الأسعار للفواتير
الفواتير والدفعات
العلاقات العامة
تتبع الترشيحات وإغلاق الفرص
الموقع الإلكتروني
Enterprise website builder
Organize and plan your projects
المتجر الإلكتروني
بيع منتجاتك أونلاين
Centralize employee information
Send Message Composer
The tool to always open a full composer on the button 'Send a Message'
Saas Kit Backup
Module provide feature to saas clients to take backups of client instance's database and later download them.
SaaS Kit Trial
The module allows you to provides free trial of Odoo instance to a particular Client
Odoo Database Backup
Module provide feature to admin to take backups of his instance's database and later download them.
Chat, mail gateway and private channels
جهات الاتصال
Centralize your address book
Schedule employees' meetings